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Physical Therapy Israel provides physical therapy treatment to the residents of the Haifa metropolitan area in the privacy and comfort of their own homes or residences while touring the State of Israel.
Physical Therapy Israel brings the expertise and high quality of treatment of a certified physical therapist to your home for maximal treatment comfort, or due to difficulty ambulating to an outpatient clinic.
Our service is designed specially to suit those of you who are visiting Israel on a vacation or on a business trip.
Your physical therapist will work closely with you and other family members to develop the most effective rehabilitation program to achieve your functional goals.
You will be provided with original receipts for a refund from your health insurance provider in your country.
Physical Therapy Israel specializes in rehabilitation and treatment for various health conditions including :
  • Acute and chronic vertigo, dizziness and migraine management.
  • Acute and chronic spinal and joint pain and neck and low back limitations
  • Sport injuries and various fractures
  • Rehabilitation after hospital discharge following surgical procedures, general weakness, stroke or head trauma​
  • Gait and balance disturbances
  • Recurrent falls among older adults

Physical Therapy Israel offers :
  • High quality service in homecare physical therapy
  • Free Internet consulting -  7 days a week
  • Acute essential assessment and referral to an appropriate physician if necessary
  • Immediate patient and family education following hospital discharge
  • Prosthetic or orthotic training
  • Design and practice of individualized home exercise programs including follow-up sessions as needed
  • Service provided in fluent English as well as Hebrew



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