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Moshe Aharoni  


Certified Physical Therapist



Moshe graduated Physical Therapy school at Haifa University, and holds a masters degree in Physical Therapy.

Specializes in diagnosis and treatment of vertigo, dizziness and balance disorders from different origins, such as BPPV, inner ear pathologies, migraines, Meniere's disease, motion sickness, post concussive syndrome, multiple sclerosis, visual vertigo, cervicogenic dizziness and more. 

- Licensed to practice physical therapy in the State of Israel, as well as in the state of New York,



- Has practiced in the field of Neurological Rehabilitation at the Lewinstein Rehabilitation Center


- Has practiced General Orthopaedics, sport rehabilitation and homecare rehabilitation in Maccabi

  HealthCare Services -  the second largest healthcare provider in Israel

- Has been the head of the Physical Therapy department in Neve Aviv - Kfar Shamariyahu Geriatric

  Home for The Elderly

- Highly skilled in a wide variety of treatment options in Physical Therapy - treatment and  

  rehabilitation of the elderly, spinal pain/limitations and education for movement.


- Is an active member of the Israeli Physiotherapy Society (IPTS), the American Physical Therapy

  Association and the Israeli Physiotherapy Union






Moshe's  Professional certifications in Physical Therapy include:




-CMP - International Certified Mulligan Practitioner in manual therapy


-Certified as a Vestibular Rehabilitation therapist (Tel Hashomer Medical Center)


-Graduate of the McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis Therapy International program Levels A-D for

 the treatment of spinal and limb pain and limitations


-Graduate of the Explain Pain International coursework - for treatment of chronic pain syndromes



















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